Vacation French River

One of the finest outdoor vacation areas in Canada. Only 3.5 hours drive from Toronto, we offer you a memorable connection to the magnificent Nature of Near North.

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Happy Landing Lodge has offered its warm hospitality for almost 50 years and continues to do so. Nested under magnificent, over 100-years-old Red Pines, overlooking calm waters of Trout Lake our Lodge offers you great comfort and the surrounding to unwind. Our property with 400 yards of shoreline, on the 14 miles long Trout Lake, and over 100 acres adjacent to thousands of acres of Crown Land offers you complete privacy and unlimited opportunities to explore Mother Nature.

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French River Ontario

French River, as well as Trout Lake have well deserved reputations for Great Fishing

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You can go after: Walleye, Musky, Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Large and Small Mouth Bass as well as a variety of pan fish: Perch, Sunfish and Rock Bass.

You can launch your own boat or rent a fishing boat with or without a motor
The main lodge offers you a comfort of a cozy place to relax: with fire place library, board games, or simply to get together with friends and family.

The unspoiled beauty of French River Country

Summer here brings countless opportunities for fun. We offer from splashing around in warm and shallow water, to brisk boat rides. You can try to slowing down your heart beat in a canoe or kayak while admiring the peaceful beauty of the lake, or just relaxing with your favorite book under the trees, or you can speed up with bike ride, horseshoe pit games or volley competitions. There is nothing we love more than magic of togetherness around blazing fire, under the stars in good company surrounded by the sound of heartwarming song.

The French River is situated just far away enough from light pollution to enjoy unspoiled night skies. You don’t need to go to Nevada or Arizona for optimal star gazing, we offer it here. Summers at Happy Landing offer pristine conditions to observe the Milky Way, as well as any meteors making their way through the atmosphere.

There are also several great golf courses just minutes away, where scenery is breathtaking and prices are very reasonable. The majestic forests and endless waters around us offer you one of kind opportunities for nature photography, putting you in the middle of moose , black bear and white tail deer country.

You can also spot all kinds of birds; loons, blue herons, osprey, hawks and cranes. So don’t forget your camera! In the middle of the Summer you can enjoy picking wild blueberries. By the end of Summer ( mid. August to mid. September) you can walk around our property and close area to look for the great variety of wild mushroom. It could be more then plenty for your special meal and even a few jars of preserves.